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Becoming a sustainable brand is an aspiration for many -- but none that we know of can fully claim having become one. Our successes on the journey to a sustainable economy which delivers a flourishing future for all have been many. But the challenges also continue to evolve along with our understanding of the issues. And with that understanding of the complexity of the many interconnected challenges, we realize no brand can become a sustainable brand on their own. We need to work differently. We need to develop new approaches and tools -- new diversity of thought, experience, and resources that can only come from a new kind of collaboration.

Since 2007, Sustainable Brands has fostered the development of a strong community of change-makers who are reshaping the future of commerce world-wide. Now we're building on that community to create a new model for collaboration called The Collaboratory. A Collaboratory isn't another meeting or discussion group, but an approach to bringing together the best of our thinking in a co-creative circle to prototype and develop innovative solutions to the systemic challenges we share. We need to get out of our silos and collaborate. Come join us. Be a part of the SB Collaboratory.


Champion: The initiative will need at least one Champion who will have the final say on deliverable strategy and design, and who will receive the greatest visibility for any positive outcomes of the initiative.

Supporter: The initiative will similarly need at least one Supporter who provides close coordination and strategic input. Final say on the strategy, design, and deliverables will be the responsibility of the Champion/s.

Team Member: The lowest level of expected engagement. Team Members may participate as much as they like; however, final say of strategy, design, and deliverables will be the responsibility of the Champion/s.

Sustainable Brands Corporate Members have a number of options for participation. To learn more please fill out the form to the right.

(See the related Collaboratory Program Overview document for preliminary assumptions about necessary structure and budget.)


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Active Initiatives

Beyond Employee Engagement
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Imagine a day when sustainability is fully integrated into our businesses, in every employee’s mindset and decision-making. When sustainability departments are busy serving and supporting the sustainability innovation and initiatives of all employees, who find great satisfaction in their work and exceed previous performance standards. Our reputation for providing meaningful work helps our companies recruit and retain the best and brightest, increasing our business success and leading a true shift toward sustainability.

By integrating sustainability at the employee level throughout our companies we become more successful businesses as we transform our enterprises – maximizing our benefit to society and the environment.

Problem Statement:
Sustainability efforts in major corporations have generally been limited to incremental change because few individuals beyond dedicated sustainability teams have been given the incentive, the tools, or the responsibility to integrate sustainability into their mindset and decision-making. Thus, many companies fail to capitalize on the capacity of their employees to innovate solutions that drive both sustainability and value creation in their businesses.

Initiative Goal:
Support companies in embedding sustainability into the core of their business by developing ways to engage all employees, at all levels of hierarchy, in the pursuit of sustainability goals within the context of their work. Many approaches have been explored in the past, including messaging and gamification. This initiative will uncover the most successful tools and approaches being used within, and potentially outside the group, create opportunities for companies to collaborate on developing new programs, and provide in depth learning opportunities as group participants share their success and challenges.

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