The BioMar Group is one of the leading suppliers of high performance feed to the aquaculture industry. Our main business areas are feed for salmon and trout in Norway, the United Kingdom, and Chile, feed for trout, eel, sturgeon, sea-bass, and sea-bream in Continental Europe and for tilapia and shrimp in Central America.

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As Featured by Sustainable Brands:

Press Piece
Jul 2018

Representatives from the seafood industry, including BioMar, and conservation groups have agreed to support the creation of marine protected areas, including large no-fishing zones in the Antarctic. The Greenpeace led retailer roundtable event was held in conjunction with their Antarctic 360 event in Cambridge, UK, attended by scientists and...

Press Piece
Apr 2018

Sustainability is an integral part of BASF’s corporate strategy. A tangible example of how BASF carries out its company purpose “We create chemistry for a sustainable future” is the Sustainable Solution Steering method. This method has been developed by BASF to assess and steer its product portfolio based on...

Press Piece
Oct 2017

In two weeks’ time, the MS Nyksund, a new high-tech vessel for shipping fish feed will be put into service for BioMar.

As part of the process of modernising BioMar’s shipments of fish feed, an agreement was signed in 2015 with NSK Shipping AS for the construction of a new feed carrier.

The ship was formally handed over earlier...

Press Piece
Sep 2017

Aquaculture and the ‘Blue Revolution’ holds tremendous potential for helping our planet meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The importance for being sustainably responsible continues to increase in importance for both customers and consumers. However the topic of sustainability is broad and hard to quantify which is why there is a need...

Press Piece
Aug 2017

Today at Aqua Nor 2017, the BioMar Group takes a moment to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BioSustain™ concept. Sustainability has long been in the DNA of BioMar however the development of BioSustain firmly established the company as the forerunner in driving sustainable innovation through collaborative partnerships in the aquaculture...

Press Piece
Jun 2017

Advances in innovative technology by BioMar and a high priced fish oil and fishmeal market enabled the BioMar Group to average a below one FIFO ratio (Fish-In:Fish-Out) for its raw material usage in 2016 for the first time in its history. This is one of the many findings revealed in the...

Press Piece
Dec 2016

The QMAR project - Unlocking the nutritional and technical Quality potential of MARine by-products in sustainable salmonid feeds - is a business innovation project for the industrial sector, starting out in January 2017. It is being supported by the Research Council of Norway and has been granted funding up to a maximum limit of NOK 16 million...