Optoro is a reverse logistics technology company working to solve a large, and growing, global problem. Every year, over 15% of consumer products are returned or deemed excess, costing retailers $500 billion nationwide and creating 5 billion pounds of waste. Optoro’s software platform helps retailers and brands optimize their reverse supply chains; an emphasis on recommerce and the circular economy maximizes value, reduces waste and creates more sustainable supply chains. Optoro is working with some of the largest retailers and brands in the U.S. and helping them reduce waste by 25-90%.

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As Featured by Sustainable Brands:

Press Piece
Oct 2018

Ann Starodaj (@AnnStarodaj), director of sustainability at Optoro, spoke with us recently to discuss her passion for promoting sustainable consumption, how Optoro’s software solutions enable this for clients, and how...

Press Piece
Jun 2018

According to a report by Sustainable Brands, 86% of US consumers expect companies to act on social and environmental issues.¹

As consumers increasingly prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility, retailers must work to ensure they’re meeting the demand. However, there is an...

Press Piece
Feb 2018

Today we are proud to share our 2017 Annual Impact Report which highlights the positive impact we made on our community and environment last year. As a company, we are committed to building a good business...

News & Views
Jun 2017

As a global transportation and logistics company, UPS is all too familiar with the myriad of challenges greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pose to both the environment and the global economy. To reduce impacts and remain competitive in an ever-changing economic landscape, the company, since 2009, has...