At Timberland, we know business can be about both commerce and justice. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and enhancing our communities—and why we expect to turn a healthy profit at the same time. We know our consumers care about environmental and social justice, and they want to buy from a brand that feels the same way. But that’s not the only reason we believe it’s good business. After all, without the outdoors and healthy communities, our consumers would have nowhere to use our products.

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As Featured by Sustainable Brands:

Press Piece
Nov 2018

Known worldwide for its outdoor heritage and environmental responsibility, Timberland has a longstanding commitment to protect and restore the outdoors. Not only the great outdoors, but the city parks, community gardens and green spaces people explore every day.

In 2016, Timberland...

News & Views
Oct 2018

Companies across the US have banded together to support the Time to Vote campaign, a nonpartisan effort led by CEOs aimed at increasing voter participation.

The US has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the developed world, recently as low as 36...

Jun 2018