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The Evolution of Corporate Sustainability Goals: Current Landscape and Future Prospects

There is a strong undercurrent, at least among those who take corporate sustainability seriously, critiquing the inherent incrementalism of what currently passes for corporate 'sustainability' goals. Multiple conversations in the Sustainable Brands community over the last year – many of them reflected in the program of last year's New Metrics '13 conference – keep focusing on next-generation goals, leapfrog goals, end-zone goals, context-based goals, science-based goals, reality-based goals... in a word, goals that catapult past business-as-usual, squarely into the realm of true sustainability. Or even past that, to regeneration or "net positive" impacts. This discussion brings several world-class experts together to examine the state of corporate sustainability goals and equip companies with practical advice on how to charge forward. The conversation will continue with a discussion taking a deep dive into some of the most noteworthy case studies on the 'what, how and when' of ambitious goal-setting for corporate sustainability.
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