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Top Risks in Global Supply Chains: Primary-Source Intelligence and Recommendations for Action

The globalization of supply chains, occurring in many industries these days, has created unforeseen challenges in ensuring the workers and environments by which products are now manufactured are treated ethically and responsibly. For a long time supplier audits used to be just paper- or spreadsheet-based, without much accompanying data analysis, aggregation or trending. That is now beginning to change, leading to new levels of sophistication in extracting intelligence from supply chain data. For this session, we are joined by two organizations leading this shift: Intertek, the largest and longest running CSR auditing body conducting over 60,000 such audits each year and author of the Intertek Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA), the fastest growing CSR audit report with over 15,000 participating factories to date; and Sedex, the world's largest collaborative platform for sharing supply chain data, with over 36,000 participating organizations representing 30 industry sectors and more than 24 million workers in more than 160 countries. The two will combine their latest observations for an analysis of critical supply chain risks around the world that executives should keep top of mind.
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