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Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand, by Kellie McElhaney

Every major company has a corporate strategy based on business objectives and competencies of the firm. Most major companies claim to have a corporate social responsibility strategy, but those tend not to be linked to business objectives or core competencies of the firm. Companies are adopting CSR practices, but aren't necessarily reaping the benefits of these initiatives because A) they aren't strategic and B) they're not communicated effectively. Fortunately, closing the CSR storytelling gap can present great opportunity for savvy companies who want to seize it. Just Good Business shows leaders and managers how to develop a unifying strategy for guiding their CSR work. McElhaney walks readers through the process of connecting their CSR efforts to the company's core corporate strategy, business objectives, and core competencies. Through her 7 Principles of Branding & CSR, she then shows why it's critical to embed CSR initiatives into larger corporate strategy, and to tell the respective CSR story.

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