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Making Vegan Leather from Kombucha

Scientist Dr. Peter Musk is leading research on kombucha-based bio-textiles at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The slimy skin of fermented kombucha tea can be made into a durable textile if the culture is combined with yeast to create a curd, which is then stretched and dried. In this 1-minute video, it is described to ABC News Australia as smelly and unpredictable, but sustainable.

The head of studies at QUT's School of Design, Dean Brough, believes it has huge potential for widespread use. It’s a cellulose fabric, which means it could easily be recycled into new garments or other materials over and over again, according to Brough.

“To my surprise it hasn't been taken up on a commercial scale — I think it could be mass produced commercially relatively quickly,” he said. “The technology is very low scale — it's really just the volume that would be required.”

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