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Outerknown + ECONYL

What are we wearing and where is it coming from?

In this short film, World Champion surfer Kelly Slater explains that these were among the questions that he had even before he founded his clothing brand, Outerknown. He describes feeling a sense of responsibility and accountability that led him to consider whether there is a better way to make clothing, ways to use fewer resources in manufacturing, where it was made and who was making it.

"I knew that I wanted to certify that we were using responsible production practices, good working conditions for people, and sourcing as environmentally as we possibly could," Slater says in the video.

Outerknown's use of ECONYL®, a nylon fabric created from reclaimed fishing nets and other nylon waste materials, was a natural choice for the line's debut collection. The material is made by leading synthetic fiber supplier Aquafil, which claims that ECONYL can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss in quality. In April 2016, it was announced that ECONYL will also be used in a men's collection from Levi's.

The film was directed by Russell Brownley with creative direction by Zak Bush.

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