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'Hairy Nose' PSA - WildAid/GOblue

The first major 'public service announcement' (PSA) from WildAid's GOblue program, "Hairy Nose" is an eye-catching and thought-provoking concept that projects the issue of air pollution into the distant future. In this world, nose hair has "evolved" to filter pollution and has led to activities, fashion and culture centered on the now prominent facial features. In the face of this, one man refuses to accept the pollution and shaves his nose hair in defiance. The message for current urban residents is clear: Change air pollution before it changes you.

The GOblue program aims to empower people in China to make smart, low-carbon transportation choices in order to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Air pollution has become a significant health problem in China, and a recent WildAid report found that over 90 percent of Chinese residents are concerned about air pollution. The "Hairy Nose" PSA is intended to remind citizens that they can make a difference. Read more here.

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