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A Walk in Their Shoes

Showing consumers the true impact of their purchases that support social and environmental initiatives can be difficult for brands. In fact, less than a quarter of Americans (24 percent) believe their purchases make a significant positive impact. To help its customers feel the impact of each one-for-one shoe purchase, TOMS enlisted the help of AT&T to create "A Walk in Their Shoes," a 360-degree video and virtual reality (VR) experience.

The video features the story of a TOMS customer who travels from California to Colombia to meet the child who benefited from his purchase. For a more immersive experience, the 360-degree video allows viewers on computers and phones to move the image up, down, left or right, to get a full feel for the journey. Around the video's release, TOMS gave away 100,000 Google Cardboard VR viewers with TOMS shoes purchases, allowing customers to see first-hand the smile on the face of a child who has just been given a new pair of shoes.

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