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The Next Black - A Film About the Future of Clothing

The Next Black is a documentary that explores how out-of-the-box thinking and more conscious design are shaping the future of our clothes. The 45-minute film highlights the shift from the traditional, made-to-order aspect of fashion to the modern, mass-produced “fast fashion” model, in which most clothing is designed in one country, manufactured in another and sold worldwide.

Produced by AEG and House of Radon, The Next Black features forward-thinkers from Patagonia, adidas, Studio XO, The Yeh Group, and Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories. These designers and innovative leaders in the fashion industry - from all over the world - are all people who consider the use of clothing and use their passion to promote change. It's not just about what we wear, but also how we produce clothing, how we are feel about it, and how we take care of it.

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