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H&M World Recycle Week Featuring M.I.A.

To promote its first World Recycle Week April 18-24, 2016, fashion retailer H&M partnered with British-Sri Lankan artist and singer M.I.A. for this music video featuring M.I.A.'s song "Rewear It." H&M aims to rally 1000 tonnes of garment donations through the campaign.

The video debuted on Vogue and H&M's websites on April 11. In an interview with Vogue, M.I.A. said on the project, "If all [H&M] do is go and inspire another high-street brand to get in on caring and being conscious, or if H&M gets criticized for any of their factory processes, these are all good things. We should discuss them in public and we should have this back and forth. At least they’re even stepping into the [environmentally conscious] arena. Any of those things is progressive, and I think you have to give it a chance.”

M.I.A. also spoke to her own sustainability-related habits, saying, "I try to keep my wants quite minimal and as natural as possible. I’m definitely the person who puts water in the shampoo bottle at the end."

She added, "I believe in practicalness, and I always recycle my clothes and give them away, and I take clothes from other people too. I have no problem wearing secondhand clothes or swapping. It has to be a joint collaborative process between the supplier and the demander so that one isn’t judging the other and just blindly, willy-nilly, going into production trying to fill the need, because that need is again perpetuated by the companies. Everyone has to decide that something has to be done regarding the environment right now."

The track was also supported by a second video entitled, "World Recycle Week - What Happens Next?" with more information on what H&M will do with the clothes donated through the campaign.

H&M claims that any money made (such as through second-hand reselling) from the donations it receives is invested in "social projects, as well as research and innovation projects that focus on recycling within the textile industry.”

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