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Engaging Change: Looking to Nature for Organizational Inspiration & Innovation

As brand managers and change agents, we are recognizing that the new models of sustainability we work to promote in the world need to be embodied first in our organizations. And while organizations can be a strong force for societal change, 70% of organizational change efforts fail because the effort is not approached from a whole systems framework. Join three certified biomimicry specialists to explore how insights and models from the natural world can help us successfully create conditions for organizational change and innovation.

This webinar will offer specific examples from living systems to give you fresh ideas for creating whole systems innovation in your work -- engaging the three necessary levels of the "Wheel of Change": hearts and minds, behavior, and structures.

You'll come away with natural mentors to inspire you and new questions to ask when applying these concepts in your work. How might your organization benefit from implementing strong and short feedback loops? From seeing competitors as resources? Did you know that most trees would not survive without a network of fungi underneath the soil through which they are exchanging resources? The plants, animals, and ecosystems around us are constantly demonstrating successful strategies for growth, development, and collaboration. We can find natural mentors for innovation all around us, when we begin to look.

The biomimicry approaches discussed in this webinar evolve from the work of Biomimicry 3.8 and the presenters' projects piloting the application of lessons from nature to organizational change efforts. Presenters will suggest resources to learn more about this cutting-edge application of biomimicry and nature-inspired innovation.

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