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The Business Value of Fun

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1] Clorox - Leveraging Environmental Sustainability to Drive Growth with Bill Morrissey

2] Engaging Your Workforce to Build Your Brand - Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation

3] A Global Look Into the Future of Sustainability - Mark Lee

4] World of Good & Ebay - Leveraging the Power of Partnership to Create a Global Brand

5] GAP Inc Environmental Sustainability and Building a Credible Brand

6] The Evolutionary Benefits of Altruism - Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley

7] SunChip's Sustainable Brand Journey: Thinking Outside (And About) the Bag!

8] Insights into New Consumer Segments: Moms and Millennials - Diane MacEachern

9] The 4th R: Reinvention and Your Sustainable Brand - California Academy of Sciences

10] Empathy in Business & Brands Yields Strong Affinity - Dev Patnaik

11] The Story of Timberland EarthKeepers

12] The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts

13] From Corporate Responsibility to Responsible Profit - Jason Saul

14] Culture Shifts and Brands - Tom LaForge, Coca Cola

15] Life Box: Plantable Packaging Assisted by Fungi - Paul Stamets

16] Nike Better World

17] Innovating Philanthropy: Panera's Pay What You Can Stores

18] The Business Value of Fun

19] Building in Happiness: How Values and Culture Matter

20] Leveraging Innovation: Lessons in Bringing Sustainable Packaging to Market

21] Rethinking the Game: Defining a New Purpose for Business

22] "Glocalization": How Starbucks is Leveraging Local with Its Global Brand

23] Go Further: Behind Ford's No Logo Campaign

24] Revolutionizing Our Global Economic Systems

25] A Revolution in Product Design

26] Engaging the Whole for Transformative Change

27] A Creative Brand Approach to an Unrecognized Problem

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Meet Gabe Zichermann – entrepreneur, author, and gamification thought leader – as he speaks on The Business Value of Fun at SB’11. He makes a compelling case for the use of games and game mechanics in everyday life, in changing consumer behavior, in business, and among brands. His examples of companies bringing inspiration to the mundane through the use of game mechanics will show how gamification can have a powerful effect on behavior modification toward sustainability.

Quantifiable trends in gamification are starting to emerge as the use of game play elements for non-game applications increase.  A recent study by the Gartner Group states that by 2015, 50% of all innovation in the Global 2000 will be driven by gamification. Used as a marketing and product management tool, gamification is the process of using game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences to solve problems.  By considering motivational aspects in human psychology, this technique is used today to encourage desired consumer behaviors in the shift towards a sustainable future.   


Would appreciate some recommended resources on gamification. Sure, I can do my own homework, but if Sustainable Brands (or the speaker) were to list 2-3 this site would be an even better resource.

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