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The Sustainable Consumption Conundrum: Ensuring Authenticity in Your Marketing Communications

The move toward sustainable consumption presents a conundrum: how should a company communicate the value of “less” consumptive behaviors when its business is built on “more”? Bill Ford has talked about a future with less cars, Domtar is helping people consume less paper and some companies are even telling consumers to not buy at all. But how can you send seemingly mixed messages to the marketplace in a way that’s good for business and the brand? And what results should you expect: increased sales, changed behavior, better brand equity or backlash? This interactive session will explore these and others questions raised by the sustainable consumption conundrum, and offer marketing communications strategies to create opportunity from the challenge. Join this discussion with leading brand representatives and advisers and learn how to best navigate the balancing act of communicating about your company, its products and consumer behavior in a way that values less, not more.

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