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Health First: Reimagining the Conversation on Sustainability

Today, people are thinking about their personal health and wellness unlike any other time in history. Readily-available nutrition and health information, as well as innovations such as wearable technology have made it easier for people to make well-being part of their daily routine, giving them the power to monitor their own health and feel empowered to achieve their personal health goals. Breakthroughs in information gathering, research, and treatment are taking healthcare out of the doctor’s office, and making it a part of daily life. As a company that aspires to deliver better health to the world, Johnson & Johnson has embraced this societal shift and used it to reconsider its vision around global citizenship and sustainability. Could a greater awareness of our own health become the catalyst for transforming the way we think about the wellbeing of our planet? Paulette Frank, VP of Sustainability and Environmental Health & Safety will discuss Johnson & Johnson’s 2020 vision of integrating planetary health with human health and how the company is sharing that vision to inspire consumers.

Paulette Frank, VP of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, Johnson & Johnson

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