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Inclusive Business: Creating a Future Defined by Shared Values and Closer Partnerships

‘Business as usual’ won't solve global problems, but neither will doomsday scenarios. Nigel Stansfield, Chief Innovation Officer at Interface, suggests we focus on the future – more specifically, a future defined by partnership, unprecedented levels of collaboration, and a shared belief that we are all in this together. That is the essence of inclusive business, as it is currently being explored by Interface, and Nigel believes that the concept has the potential not only to help Interface reinvent its supply chain, but also to expand the culture of connection that has transformed the $1 billion global company over the past 20 years as it has pioneered along the path to sustainability. In this talk, Nigel will explore how Interface made the decision to explore Inclusive Business, and why partnership is so vital to the success of this type of model. In order to solve the problems we face today, business decision makers must begin thinking differently about co-creating solutions; Inclusive Business is one way Interface is doing just that.

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