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Regenerating Connection: 'Storydoing' for Authenticity and Lasting Brand Value

Join Ty Montague at SB'14 London on Nov 3rd

Ty and his team will define 'storydoing', dissect its importance through valuable case studies and inspire companies to look at brand strategy and communications through this new lens at SB'14 London. Join for practical lessons on telling a powerful and motivating story through actions in the New Levels of Connection: Storydoing for Authenticity and Lasting Brand Value workshop on Monday, Nov 3rd.

At SB'14, author Ty Montague espoused the value of a new term he recently coined: storydoing*. Citing Zappos, TOMS, and Patagonia as examples, he said storydoing companies put their stories at the center of their business and perform better than mere “storytellers.” Storydoing requires being on a mission to make big positive change in the world; and having an enemy--not in terms of trashing your competitors, just having a real understanding of the change you want to make/the problem you want to solve.

* Read more about "Storydoing" in Ty's book: True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business.

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