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Beyond Aspiration: Authentic Engagement for Meeting Humanity’s Greatest Challenges

Authentic engagement. These are words we often use. We assume authentic engagement has something to do with purpose, aspiration and values. But what if it's actually about much more than that? What if we need less cheerleading and "solutions," and more conversations and listening? Psychologist and engagement strategist Dr. Renee Lertzman will walk us through what it means to be an authentic and brave brand, and what engagement really involves – such as the hard work of listening, compassion and empathy.

At the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral sciences are key insights uniquely designed to guide our work for meaningful and effective impact. Through case studies and insights from leading psychological practitioners, Dr. Lertzman presents an emerging methodology for engagement. Prepare for an inspiring, provocative and deeply stimulating discussion about the psychology of "sustainable brands," and the new, critical capacities our work now requires of us.


Dr. Renee Lertzman, Psychosocial Researcher and Engagement Advisor

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