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7 Keys to Connecting With Your Audience: How brands make sustainability more compelling, relevant and valuable

Too often, communications about sustainability fall flat.  They either come across as something you'd hear in a lecture hall, or they make people feel guilty or fearful, with predictably poor results.  So rather than helping advance sustainability for businesses and with consumers, communications are getting in the way.  

The solution?  Appeal to imagination as much as intelect.  Make sustainability desirable. Turn it into something we want to do rather than something we have to do. 

As communicators working on behalf of brands, we need to present sustainability in ways that make it approachable and appealing.  Christian Hicks, leader of creative strategy and content development for AHA!, introduces seven easy ways to authentically and effectively connect with your brand's audience.  

AHA! is a creative communications firm that works with leaders to accelerate progress on their most important business strategies. With our expertise in writing and content-driven design, we bring clarity to the ideas and messages that connect companies with the people who matter most to their success.

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