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Making Change Happen: 9 Factors that Determine the Success of Your Sustainability Efforts

Research has shown that 70% of change efforts fail. During this session, Beverly Alkire will share her holistic approach to behavioral change management. She will also discuss the key factors to address so efforts to drive change in your organization will be successful. You will also have the opportunity to assess how you are performing against these factors using the Green Consultants Change Assessment Tool.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover why effective change management is critical to the success of your sustainability program
  • Understand the 9 factors that drive successful behavior change
  • Assess how you are performing against the 9 change management success factors and where to focus your improvement efforts
  • Learn best practices and tactics to drive change within your organization

Click here to access the Green Consultants Change Assessment Tool.

Presented by: Green Consultants
Beverly Alkire, Chief Environmental Officer

[Statistics cited are from "Leading Change" by John P. Kotter, available for purchase at HBR.]

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