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Sustainability Through Partnerships

This report answers the question: What best practices enable firms to collaborate with other organizations to advance sustainable business?

Collaboration is one of the keys for unlocking sustainability, with leaders from all sectors of society agreeing that that solving environmental and social challenges requires unparalleled cooperation.

Sustainability through Partnerships provides explicit guidance on how to select the right partner and manage the partnership process, and includes a toolkit complete with a partnership checklist.


Designed for Business Leaders, this Executive Guide Provides:

  • Information on what you can achieve through partnerships
  • Recommendations on what type of partnership you should pursue
  • Tips on how to make your partnerships more effective
  • Case studies revealing the outcomes and lessons of different types of partnerships


About the Research

This report is an extension of a larger systematic review authored by Dr. Barbara Gray and Ms. Jenna Stites of Pennsylvania State University. They reviewed over 275 relevant articles and reports, including the best current academic research. This report addresses one of the top priorities identified by the NBS Leadership Council in 2013.

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