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Styling Sustainability

As the title of this report suggests, understanding green apparel consumer demand, and the associated market opportunity, was the focus of the Ryan Partnership® Chicago/Mambo Sprouts® Marketing Styling Sustainability consumer apparel survey, Winter 2012. Our hypothesis for the poll was simple–more consumers would purchase eco/sustainable apparel if it were easy to find. But how many more–and would that indicate significant growth potential for apparel retailers and manufacturers? Is there greater opportunity in certain apparel segments over others? What is the best way to motivate shoppers to purchase eco/sustainable apparel? And, what are the roles of manufacturers and retailers in meeting these shoppers’ needs and growing the market?

The general findings in Styling Sustainability reinforce a key conclusion forwarded in our 2011 research white paper–One Green Score for One Earth ( Consumers want a clear and objective means of understanding the sustainability impact of their purchases (including their apparel purchases), and will vote with their wallets for those brands and retail outlets that are capable of credibly communicating on this topic.

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