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Business and the Fourth Wave of Environmentalism

This Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) report, “Business and the Fourth Wave of Environmentalism,” examines how top executives view and use seven emerging technologies: blockchain, sensors, data analytics, mobile ubiquity, dematerialization, automation, and sharing technologies. Such technologies are driving what the EDF calls the “Fourth Wave” of environmental innovation and have the potential to make corporate-NGO partnerships more productive and their results more precisely measurable.

The report draws from an EDF and KRC Research survey of more than 500 VP, SVP and C-suite level executives at companies ranging from $500 million to more than $5 billion in revenues across five industries: retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, and finance. According to the respondents, 70 percent of companies are actively investing in technologies that help solve environmental problems. More than 70 percent of the executives said they believe their company’s business and environmental goals are more closely aligned than they were just five years ago, primarily due to advances in technology.

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