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Breakthrough Business Models: Exponentially More Social, Lean, Integrated and Circular

Breakthrough Business Models, commissioned by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission and produced by Volans, concludes that the United NationsSustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a more radical agenda than most business leaders yet realize: they imply a shift from from incremental to exponential mindsets and ambitions; from our current focus on the negative impacts of economic activity to the deliberate generation of positive impacts; and the business case for action to a reconsideration of business models that ensures industries are fit for tomorrow’s very different market and geopolitical realities.

With examples of leaders who are helping build a new economic order, the paper provides six ways businesses can shift their mindsets to evolve new forms of value and help achieve exponential progress: think sustainable; think exponential; think social; think lean; think integrated; and think circular.

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