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Moving Electrons: Rethinking Transportation for a Cleaner World

This report from Village Capital, an impact investment firm, covers new innovations happening in the clean energy startup space. The report reveals that a new and better funding/investment model is required to support clean energy and cleantech investments, particularly in the transportation sector. It suggests that more patient capital and more education, training and support for clean energy/cleantech startups has led to accelerated exits and more fruitful partnerships between startups and established incumbents, leading to greater success for all.

The major sub-sectors explored in this report include: Aviation & Aerospace; Electric Vehicles; Sharing Economy; Mass Transit; Trucking & Logistics; and Other - Recycling, Oil & Gas, Biofuels. For each, brief overviews of the sub-sector, its investment activity, drivers of innovation and challenges are provided, and a few examples of Village Capital portfolio companies illustrate the type of ventures succeeding in the space.

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