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How Can Purpose Reveal a Path Through Disruption?

It is relatively easy for a company to adopt the rhetoric of a feel-good purpose that articulates an aspirational reason for being. Actually living, breathing and effectively demonstrating a commitment to that purpose is an infinitely larger task — but one that pays off substantially in our disrupted world.

Just one decade ago, executives rarely spoke of “purpose,” and when they did it was typically focused on maximizing shareholder value. Today a company’s declaration that it has a purpose beyond profit is eagerly trumpeted in response to demands from employees for work that is meaningful; from customers for brands that inspire; and from society for companies to be responsible. This change is also driven by an increase in global uncertainty and volatility — which has significantly altered how companies see themselves and their future.

EY is pleased to present “How can purpose reveal a path Through disruption? Mapping the journey from rhetoric to reality,” the findings from a survey of 1,470 business leaders from a wide range of industries around the world. They explain how volatile, uncertain conditions have redefined the relevance of being purposeful, and how having the right kind of purpose, integrated deeply into their organizations, can translate into business success.

This research yields new insight into how best-in-class purposeful companies are using their purpose as a beacon to navigate turbulent times, as well as how they are embedding their purpose in decisions and daily actions throughout the organization.

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