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Navigating Risk in the Era of the Purpose-Driven Corporation

This white paper from RF|Binder, titled “Navigating Risk in the Era of the Purpose-Driven Corporation,” details consumer response to brands taking a stand on timely topics and issues, such as the recent Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, and how such stances impact short-term and long-term consumer and investor perception. It also lays out key factors for brands to take into consideration before they do decide to take a stand. Some key highlights from the report:
  • 58% of Americans believe it’s appropriate for companies to take part in the gun control debate.
  • Search query volume for “ESG Investing” more than doubled from December 2016 to 2017
  • It took merely one week for media conversation and search volume around Delta and FedEx to normalize after taking a stand for or against the NRA.
  • #BoycottFedEx and #BoycottDelta conversations lasted 7 days on social media
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