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Reaching 80x50: Technology Pathways to a Sustainable Future in San Francisco

The City of San Francisco's existing programs and policies are expected to reduce emissions by 40 percent by 2050 against a 1990 baseline - only half way to the city's “80x50” goal. This executive summary provides an overview of the 36 building, energy efficiency, transportation, and renewable energy technologies that would need to be deployed “at aggressive rates” in order for the city to achieve its ambitious climate action targets within the context of the local 0-50-100-Roots framework, as well as the State of California’s policy leadership.

The report found that no single action will be sufficient, and recommends energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, and electric transport as the foundation of the city’s plans going forward. The highest-impact opportunities are in electrifying thermal loads and transport: converting 80 percent of furnaces and water heaters to efficient electric heat pumps would yield a 13.6 percent reduction in annual emissions; and electric cars and car-sharing were the highest impact transportation measures, followed by expanded congestion pricing.

Read more in Sustainable Brands' full article on this report or download the full report from the City of San Francisco website.

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