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The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the CAC 40

The need for companies to manage their climate change impacts and sustainability reporting is now clearly established. Companies want their supply chains to support their sustainability objectives and investors are looking for signals that companies are managing their long-term risk. Governments are creating legislation to incentivize low-carbon innovation and consumers are increasingly choosing products and brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. In the face of these facts, companies need to accelerate the transformation of their business models and put sustainability challenges at the heart of their development strategies, collaborating with all stakeholders. This transformation is necessary, but, it is also creating new opportunities to rethink and successfully deploy new development strategies.

A report from EcoAct, The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the CAC 40 examines how the largest companies in France are responding to these demands by reporting on their activities. The report aims to create a better understanding of the sustainability reporting landscape and highlight best practice and innovation with the hope of inspiring other companies in their approach to sustainability.

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