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Allocating Capital for Long-Term Returns: The Strengthened Case for Sustainable Capitalism

This report is intended to reassert and update the ever-stronger business case for 'Sustainable Capitalism,' an economic system within which business and capital seek to maximize long-term value creation, accounting for all material environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.

In this report, the Generation Foundation expands upon its previous work, specifically its 2012 Sustainable Capitalism white paper, and outlines an updated approach to allocating capital for long-term returns for an audience of mainstream investors and corporate executives. The organization proposes a series of interconnected ideas that they believe will help evolve investment frameworks in ways that will align with Sustainable Capitalism, and calls on key actors to:

  • Assess carbon risk and price carbon in all capital allocation decisions;
  • Use sustainability analysis to enhance investment frameworks; and
  • Uphold the full remit of fiduciary duty.
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