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Building Circular Supply Chains: Closed Loop Partners 2017 Progress Report

The Closed Loop Partners have been identifying and investing in a pipeline of infrastructure projects to accelerate the development of more circular supply chains since the creation of the Closed Loop Fund in 2015. Since then, not only have they seen progress through the launch of Closed Loop Ventures, an early-stage venture fund, and the Center for Circular Economy, a combination incubator and R&D lab, but in their portfolio of investments.

As this 2017 Progress Report shows, more private firms and institutional investors are deploying much needed capital, including firms such as Goldman Sachs, Comerica Bank, Sidewalk Labs and NEA. At the same time, the recent disappearance of export markets for many recycled commodities has been a burden to many municipalities and recycling businesses in the Closed Loop Fund portfolio, but could contribute to increasing appeal for investment opportunities in the incubation, commercialization and scale of solutions, the development of domestic infrastructure, and commodity markets for recycled materials.

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