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Virtuous Circle: How The Circular Economy Can Create Jobs and Save Lives in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This paper, jointly published by Tearfund and the Institute of Development Studies, outlines the triple win that the circular economy offers for low and middle-income countries. The authors suggest that adopting circular economy principles could help prevent deaths linked to mismanagement of waste and pollutants, alleviate poverty by creating jobs, and boost local economies.

Virtuous Circle uses case studies from Brazil, Ghana, Kenya and India lend insight into the circular economy’s potential in development work. From waste-to-energy to resource efficiency projects and more, circular initiatives can improve standards of living and help prevent deaths linked to mismanagement of waste and pollutants. In particular, the report authors highlight that organic waste can be both a profitable source of renewable energy and fertilizer if used correctly.

The report offers ten recommendations for policymakers, including to reform tax systems and to set waste reduction and resource efficiency targets. Governments in low- and middle-income countries are advised to improve public waste management policy, support nascent remanufacturing and repair industries, and revise existing policies to remove inhibitions for circular models. Wealthy countries are encouraged to do more to support low- and middle-income countries’ transition, set tougher and safer design standards, develop finance opportunities, and invest in more research.

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