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Beauty Faces Up to Sustainability

The sustainability consulting group, Quantis, is pleased to release the report “Beauty Faces up to Sustainability”. In this special report, Quantis offers valuable insight into the key environmental sustainability trends, opportunities, and risks impacting the strategies and operations of global cosmetics and personal care companies.

With sales of beauty products expected to rise 6% to $675bn by 2020, according to Reuters, cosmetics and personal care companies must prepare to transition to the new global economy. Creating resilient, transparent and sustainable business models - based on relevant metrics – is a key step to ensuring these global operations survive in a resource-constrained world.

The report takes a look at top issues and provides business case examples of actions and efforts being implemented by beauty, personal care and fragrance companies and provides a survey (see image) of the key drivers and progress made by the top 200 brands surveyed:
  • Environmental Footprinting
  • Material Issues & Brand Risk
  • Packaging
  • Toxicity
  • Product Labelling
  • Water Risks
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Science-based Targets
  • Designing for the Circular Economy
  • Valuing Natural Capital
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