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Sea of Opportunity: Supply Chain Investment Opportunities to Address Marine Plastic Pollution

The problem of ocean plastics has over the last several years become a more pressing, quantified and well-publicized problem. There is now a significant amount of data that establishes the urgency of the issue and provides insight into various interventions and where to focus efforts. The story of ocean plastics is interwoven with global development challenges such as poverty, sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption, women’s empowerment and child labor.

While there is continued interest from traditional government and philanthropic sources on issues of plastic pollution, very little investment capital has flowed to directly address this fast-growing and multifaceted problem. Given the scale of the issue, it is becoming increasingly clear that the problem is not likely to be resolved without significant investment from private capital sources.

The goal of Sea of Opportunity is to show how private capital can play a meaningful role in tackling the issues of plastic pollution across the world’s ocean. Numerous investment opportunities are highlighted across the risk/return spectrum where investors can gain an ROI, while also having a meaningful impact on the problem of ocean plastics. While investment is the primary focus of this report, it also highlights the role that catalytic philanthropy, citizenship engagement and government actions can play, working in concert with investment solutions across the value chain.

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