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2018 Information and Communications Technology Benchmark Findings Report

A follow-up to KnowTheChain’s initial assessment in 2016, this report measures Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies’ progress towards eradicating forced labor against where they were two years ago. While most companies have taken steps to improve, but more action is needed to protect vulnerable workers. The average benchmark score was 32 out of 100 possible points, with three-quarters of the evaluated companies scoring below 50 out of 100.

Overall, major companies, including Intel, HP Inc., Apple, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, scored highest in the benchmark, but other important players, notably Amazon, did not perform as well.

The companies were selected for the benchmark based on their size (market capitalization) and the extent to which they derive revenues from physical products, where the risks of forced labor are high. KnowTheChain assessed information available on each company’s website, additional public disclosure that companies provided in response to engagement questions, and forced labor allegations as well as companies’ responses. Sustainalytics supported the development of the company list and the benchmark methodology.

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