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The Sustainable Brands Boot Camp is a 21-part online seminar series designed as an orientation to the key aspects of building a better brand. Each SB Boot Camp faculty member is a leading sustainable business expert in his/her specialty.

We guarantee this is the best introductory course available for executives and managers seeking to understand how to step up to today's market demands and learn to build business value and brand equity by innovating for sustainability. Topics include: Market Drivers & the Opportunity for Sustainability, Business Model Innovation and Brand Strategies, Product & Package Design, Sustainable Supply Chain and Effective Communications Strategies & Tactics.

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Watch, read and listen through the following list of webinars, event videos, research papers and slideshows to get an overview of what sustainable business thinking is all about. Equip yourself with best practices to deploy in your daily work.


Session 1: Webinar

Introduction to Opportunities in Sustainable Innovation

Introduction by KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Taught by Gil Friend, President/CEO, Natural Logic

Our series begins with a look at what many companies are already seeing in the way of return on their sustainable business leadership. Expect also a definition of terms to help you better interpret what you may encounter as well as prepare you for the learning journey ahead.

Session 2: Webinar

Understanding Ecological Overshoot

Susan Burns CEO, Global Footprint Network

Maintaining robust, resilient supply chains and resource systems will become more difficult as time progresses with increased material, energy, and water constraints. Join Susan Burns of the Global Footprint Network as she explores the big issues at hand, and how to design systems that will adapt and thrive.

Session 3: Event Video

The New Shape of Leadership

Andrew Winston Author, Founder, The Big Pivot, Winston Eco-Strategies

As investors and other stakeholders begin to demand increased innovation for sustainability, today’s brands must continue to raise the bar when setting a leadership agenda. Andrew Winston describes what that agenda should look like going forward, as we set ourselves on the path toward a healthy and sustainable future.

Session 4: Research Report

The SHIFT Report: The New Variables

White Paper from Ci Innovations

On a consumer and cultural level, people continue to move towards an evolved set of variables that define success and are guiding people’s lifestyle choices, brand relationships and purchase decisions. The New Variables™ of integrity, authenticity, connection, consciousness, community and social responsibility are increasingly reflected in what people care about today, how they are evaluating brand relationships, making lifestyle choices and purchase decisions, according to The SHIFT Report.

Session 5: Event Video + Slideshow

The Shifting Landscape of Consumer Values and Implications for your Brand's Future

Chip Walker EVP, Director of Brand Planning & Innovation, Y&R

Research shows a marked change in the contract between brands and consumers, from a winner–takes–all masculine approach towards the feminine values of greater empathy, respect and imbued meaning. This talk shares the data and more insights into what it means for your brand.

Session 6: Webinar

Meet the Aspirationals: Consumers and The Future of Sustainability

Raphael Bemporad Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, BBMG

The Aspirationals, a new consumer segment that is in a powerful and potentially game-changing position with respect to the future of sustainable consumption. As the largest consumer segment globally – particularly in Brazil, China, India, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States – these style and social status-seeking consumers love to shop, and also feel a sense of responsibility to make purchases that are good both for the environment and for society.

Session 7: Webinar

Measuring Meaning: The Evolution of Brand Value and What to Do About It

Denise Turner, Head of Intelligence, Havas Media Group

Tune in to find out what discoveries about individual and collective well being are driving the definition and applications of a ‘meaningful brand,’ how it differs from a functional or aspirational brand, and how meaningful brands have outperformed the stock market by 120% recently.


Session 8: Webinar

Unilever & Sustainable Brands: A Path to 21st Century Growth

Santiago Gowland, VP Brand & Global Corporate Responsibility, Unilever

Insights into why and how Unilever are using sustainability as an innovation opportunity.

Session 9: Event Video

Clorox - Leveraging Environmental Sustainability to Drive Growth

Bill Morrisey, VP Environmental Sustainability, Clorox

The primary theme of Bill's presentation is how to leverage environmental sustainability for growth through new and existing brands. First he discusses a little about the company's brand portfolio, product categories, and their percentage of business. Second, Bill talk about consumer insight studies Clorox carried out in regards to interest in green brands, current purchasing behavioral patterns, and the realms of relevance and interest in order of importance: me -> family -> communal -> societal. Clorox focuses on the more personal and familial realms and identifies three interactionary scenarios people have with their products: 'In me' (food, drink), 'On me' (clothing, skincare), and 'Around me'(household products). To build upon these three models, Bill highlights case studies from their brands: Brita (In), Burt's Bees (On), and Green Works (Around).

Session 10: Webinar

9 Strategies for a Successful Sustainability Change Effort

Beverly Alkire Chief Environmental Officer, Green Consultants

Research has shown that 70% of change efforts fail. During this session, Beverly Alkire will share her holistic approach to behavioral change management. She will also discuss the key factors to address so efforts to drive change in your organization will be successful. You will also have the opportunity to assess how you are performing against these factors using the Green Consultants Change Assessment Tool.

Session 11: Webinar

System Innovation for Sustainable Business

Taught by Sally Uren Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

The scale of the challenges we currently face mean that we now need to go beyond incremental change. Only by influencing the nature of the systems in which they operate, either alone or in collaboration, can businesses create a context in which they can innovate for long-term success. This webinar explores how your brand and your business can become a system innovator – how to innovate your core business, products and services, understand your role in the wider system, as well as working to create the conditions you will succeed.


Session 12: Webinar

10 Strategies for Designing a Credible Sustainable Brand

Jennifer Rice Principal, Fruitful Strategy


Session 13: Webinar

Sustainable Product Design – An Overview of Prevailing Approaches

Nathan Shedroff, Author, Design is the Problem, Chair, Design Strategy MBA, CA College of the Arts

Rethinking the way you make things requires a shift in how you look at the problem set your business seeks to solve. In this session, you’ll gain a look at some of the most vibrant design strategies being implemented today by leaders in sustainable product re-design. Expect the flip of a bit in your thinking as you are exposed to some out of the box, as well as soon to be standard ways of looking at zero impact product design and even regenerative product/service solutions.

Session 14: Webinar

Exploring Business Model Innovation for Sustainability

Mark Lee, Executive Director, SustainAbility | Lindsay Clinton, Senior Manager, SustainAbility

What is business model innovation? How does it impact sustainability? Which models are disrupting industries, beyond car sharing and distributed energy? A new research report, Model Behavior: 20 Business Model Innovations for Sustainability, released by SustainAbility earlier this year, brings clarity to this oft-hyped space and identifies and analyzes 20 emerging business model innovations that are having a positive social or environmental impact.


Session 15: Webinar

Designing Collaborative Supply Chain Partnerships

Phil Berry, Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, WSP Engineering & Energy

Your supply chain is a key link in your sustainable business/brand story. This session will provide a look at examples of successful supply chain partnerships that are yielding better economic, environmental, social impact results for all stakeholders.

Session 16: White Paper

Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business

White Paper by Sustainable Brands

While financial firms advise “past performance is not indicative of future results,” the “short-term-ism” of our capital market systems is driven by mental models commonly held in our society that no longer align with the needs of our time. We must transform these legacy worldviews, and this requires a commitment to new mental models – and hence new ways for business, government and non-profits to serve society’s needs. The things to which we ascribe value are beginning to change, creating both new opportunity and a new imperative for business to investigate. Sustainable Brands highlights this shift in values and new forms of value creation.

Session 17: Webinar

Introduction to Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Jeremy Faludi, Associate Professor, Stanford Design School

With the increasing demand of consumers for more information about the products they buy, as well as rapidly unfolding sustainable supply chain initiatives being driven by market moving retailers like Wal-mart and others, getting to understand and measure the impact of your products will soon be a basic business expectation. This session will introduce you to user/extended producer responsibility as well as introduce key strategies and tools for evaluating product lifecycle impact.


Session 18: Webinar

Designing Communications that Resonate

John Marshall Roberts, Author, Igniting Inspiration, A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries

Once you’ve established a solid brand position and value proposition you can support, its time to pull out all the stops to communicate to your stakeholders about it. There is not more powerful expert today on communicating effectively to both believers and skeptics alike than John Marshall Roberts. Do not miss this opportunity to learn some solid steps to ensure your messaging carries as much weight and delivers the best results possible.

Session 19: Event Video

The Power of Storytelling: Lessons in Consumer Engagement, Activation and Loyalty

Jonah Sachs, CEO, Free Range Studios

Myths have been part of human culture since our earliest times, according to Free Range Studios CEO/co-founder Jonah Sachs. In his presentation, Sachs explored the ideas behind his popular workshops on the power of storytelling to further consumer engagement, activation and loyalty. Stories are how we connect with the world and make sense of it; they are therefore a critical tool for bringing about a more sustainable world. “The stories we are telling are as important as what we are selling,” said Sachs.

Session 20: Webinar

Green Marketing Done Right

Jacquelyn Ottman, Founder, J. Ottman Consulting, Author, Green Marketing

The greening of the marketplace brings with it unprecedented opportunity—and a fair share of risk. Join Jacquie Ottman, the nation's foremost expert on green marketing, as she answers marketers' burning questions about going green the right way. You'll get answers to the questions on every green marketer’s mind, such as: When is the right time to tell our green story? What should we do if only some of our products are green? How can we avoid greenwashing? Does our product need an eco-label, and if so, how do we choose which one?

Session 21: Event Video

Embrace the Shake

Phil Hansen, Artist / Author, Phil in the Circle LLC

In his moving talk, artist Phil Hansen describes how he coped with finding himself with a severe case of the shakes after sustaining nerve damage. As an artist, he had made his living with his hands but now found himself unable even to hold a paintbrush. When he sought advice, his doctor replied, “Embrace the shakes.” That suggestion spurred Hansen to experiment with an incredible array of alternative media and tools for creating art which opened his eyes and his technique in ways he never would’ve achieved without the disability. "We must first be limited in order to become limitless,” he said.

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