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The Reporting Performance of the Dow Jones 30: How Well Do the Largest U.S. Companies Demonstrate Sustainability?

This session provides insight from an EcoAct Group’s Exclusive Report, which examines the extent and quality of carbon and sustainability measurement, reporting and reduction by some of the largest companies in the United States. In this session, William Theisen, CEO of EcoAct North America will identify the trends in how well the US’s largest companies measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions and demonstrate sustainability. The Dow Jones 30 Report is the latest edition to EcoAct’s annual Sustainability Reporting Performance reports assessing companies in the UK’s FTSE 100, Spain’s IBX 35, and France’s CAC 40. In this session, see how we have analyzed the best performers in sustainability reporting, acknowledging industry leaders and ranking their success on our sustainability leader board. The presentation will also highlight comparisons and overall trends between the different county wide indices.



William Theisen, CEO, EcoAct North America

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