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Sustainable Living Brands: Why Purpose Alone is Not Enough to Drive Sustainable Growth - Karen Hamilton, Unilever

Everyone is talking about brands with purpose, or meaningful brands, or sustainable brands. But what people mean and what brands do varies considerably. Unilever has developed a framework which sets out a robust definition of what they call ‘sustainable living brands’ and a dashboard that helps brands measure and monitor their performance and progress. Karen will explain how this works, why brands need to integrate sustainability into their products, not just create a brand purpose, and how Unilever’s sustainable living brands accounted for half the company’s growth in 2014 and grew at twice the rate of the rest of the business. She will provide examples of how global brands such as Dove, Knorr and Lipton have made sustainable living core to their brand positioning and how a second wave of sustainable living brands is now poised to follow their lead.

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