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How to Drive Business Model Transformation Inside a Company - Gerrard Fisher, WRAP UK

Many of the companies that are flourishing financially today are inherently unsustainable. Despite laudable efforts to make products or processes more sustainable, some business models do not have a place in a resource-constrained future. To transform a business model is, therefore, necessary for a company to survive and thrive into the future

Following a 2014 report on 20 types of business model innovation that yield significant sustainability benefits, SustainAbility will use this session to dive deeper into the topic, exploring how a sustainability leader inside a company can create an environment that encourages innovation and the processes by which business model innovation gets traction within organizations. This workshop will feature research highlights from SustainAbility’s latest report on the topic, a case study presented by a corporate leader, and the opportunity to practice using business model mapping tools and tactics.

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