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Engaging Employees in Win-Win Partnerships that Boost Morale, Strengthen Brand Purpose and Create Shared Value

In October 2016 PayPal set up a loan fund to gift 10,000 $25 Kiva Card credits to the first 10,000 PayPal employees and customers who made a loan with their own money as a reward. 23,000 PayPal employees and 31 million PayPal customers were invited to make a $25 loan, and the outcomes were impressive: the project not only hit its goal of 10,000 lenders, but also brought 6,807 first-time Kiva lenders and generated over 30 million impressions overall. In addition, the initiative clearly struck a chord with PayPal’s employee base by providing an easy, entertaining and rewarding way to invest in intriguing entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. Many reported that they felt closer to PayPal’s vision of democratizing financial services as a result. This session dove into the details of the partnership, explored the benefits for all parties involved, and explained how it could be adopted in other contexts.

Alison DaSilva, Executive Vice President, Cone Communications

Matt Holton, Lead Manager, Social Innovation, PayPal

Lisa Hogen, Chief Development Officer, Kiva

Christopher Marshall, Head of Partnerships, GOOD Worldwide Inc

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