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Growing Sustainability Programs: Getting Unstuck When Progress Stalls and Turning Naysayers into Advocates

This workshop introduced a practical tried-and-tested model of the full range of maturity levels of a sustainability program, and then apply thats model as a roadmap for progress. Attendees were presented with useful tools for navigating internal engagement and learn how to plan and execute sustainability programs in a variety of organizational environments. In addition, this workshop also specifically focused on helping change agents running into resistance implementing sustainability strategies within their organization – either due to direct opposition from naysayers, or as a result of broader organizational and behavioral challenges. Speakers explored techniques for communicating with naysayers, understanding the true reasons behind their objections, turning them into allies, as well as applying Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence to successfully bring positive change to any part of an organization.

Kevin Hagen, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Iron Mountain

Annie Thomas, Consultant, Sustainable Business Consulting

Paul Snyder, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, InterContinental Hotels Group

Mark Weick, Director, Sustainability Programs, The Dow Chemical Company

Carrie Majeske, Associate Director, Global Sustainability Integration, Ford Motor Company

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