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Driving a Revolution in Conflict-Free Minerals

This panel will outline a revolutionary and comprehensive approach to achieving conflict-free minerals in our electronic devices, automobiles and airplanes. Even before the final rule has been issued on Conflict Mineral Provision 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, proactive corporations and industry associations have already begun to map their entire value chains and implement traceability and accountability mechanisms every step of the way -- all the way down to the dirt.  However, to really achieve a sustainable source of minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the activities involved need to go beyond ensuring product value chains are free from conflict minerals. We are just starting to see the beginning of a multi-strategy, multi-stakeholder approach to materials sourcing which includes supporting economic development and capacity building in mining areas and beyond, as well as companies leveraging their diplomatic influence to encourage peacekeeping efforts. 

Come learn from this current case study how to be a responsible revolutionary company operating in the shadow of one of our planet’s most devastating human rights challenges.

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