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The Dynamics of Desire- Unlocking the Drivers of Behavior and Culture to Create a More Sustainable Future

For decades sustainability has been championed using a highly rational narrative: drive efficiency, create savings, build reputation. And while we're making progress, it's not enough nor is it widely embraced in mainstream culture. We certainly haven't yet shifted the mainstream towards lusting, craving or desiring sustainability.

Because desire is so often irrational. Why do people behave the way we do? What drives us to make irrational decisions and behave in direct contradiction to our beliefs? What sparks guilt and what drives pride? What creates anxiety and what shapes aspirations? What builds belonging and what increases division?

In this provocative and interactive session, we'll explore how core human dynamics like tribalism, craving, novelty-seeking, identity formation and social status shape our behaviors and ultimately influence our culture and the way we live.

We'll kick-off with a panel of speakers from brand leaders that have successfully shifted behavior and then work in groups to map sustainable behaviors, match them with core human desires and unlock marketing ideas to drive growth, nourish our well being, inspire our behavior and create the world we seek together.

We'll also be unveiling an exciting new Sustainable Brands initiative: The Pull Factor Project, a collaborative journey of learning and practice to better understand the dynamics of desire and leverage the influence of brands in culture to create a more sustainable future.

Raphael Bemporad, Founding Partner, BBMG

Virginia Helias, Vice President, Global Sustainability, Procter & Gamble

Tricia Stevens, Charitable Givings Manager LUSH

Tamay Kiper, Senior Manager, Member & Advisory Services, Sustainable Brands

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