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Driving Employee Engagement, Productivity and Impact through the Use of Sustainable 401(k) Plans

Educating and engaging employees on sustainability solutions is becoming essential for any company’s success. Rating the sustainability of a company’s 401(k) plan is a new tool to boost employee engagement, boost productivity through employee satisfaction, and spur staff to save more for a better future. Higher impact portfolios — which can reduce future risk and enhance future return — are possible when employees see the true impact performance of the holdings inside their 401(k) fund choices. Learn how you can educate, empower and engage your employees in their 401(k), and how to align the 401(k) choices in question with a company’s mission and sustainability goals.


R. Paul Herman, CEO & Founder, HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios

Marla Skeffington, Vice President, Retirement Strategies, Mars Wrigley Confectionary

Max Masservy, Senior Associate, Responsible Investment, Mercer

Phillip Jordan, Vice President and Principal, BW Research Partnership

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