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The Future of Consumption: Why the Hot Brands of the Future May be Shareable - Neal Gorenflo, Lisa Galindo

Car sharing has been characterized by Neal Gorenflo at as the 'gateway drug' for the shareable economy. In just the last few years since the advent of ZipCar, a plethora of new businesses have emerged that leverage technology to enable anyone with a cell phone or web access to share, rent, barter, swap or gift physical assets of all kinds in real-time and on the go. The market potential for 'shareable' based businesses that range from rides to rooms and beyond is expected to top $110 billion, with car sharing revenue alone expected to reach $3.3Billion by 2016. Not only has car sharing been the inspiration for many of these new businesses in other markets, but it is also influencing citizens to rethink how they provision their lives. Neal's panel will examine the rise of the sharing economy by offering various business model approaches gaining traction in the transportation sector. Fascinating! For background, catch this Fast Company article on the topic:

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