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Designing for Inclusivity: Accessibility as a Principle of Sustainable Innovation for the Future of Cities

Following Victor Pineda’s mainstage talk, this breakout session dove into the exciting global efforts that World Enabled and G3ict are spearheading to make cities more inclusive, and how they are furthering technology solutions that work for all. Cities that fail to recognize the potential of and include persons with disabilities are missing out on over 1 billion talented individuals globally that can effectively participate and aid productivity in cities. Dr. Pineda and Mr. James Thurston share their insights in designing for persons with disabilities and older persons, an important and rapidly growing market that, with their families, represents a population with a disposable income that is over 8 trillion dollars.

Victor Pineda, President and Founder, World Enabled

James Thurston, Vice President for Global Strategy & Development, G3ict

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