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The Evolution of Social and Human Capital Management and Disclosure

Corporate managers have long heralded people as their companies’ most important assets and research confirms the vital role of human capital in long-term value creation. In recognizing the importance and value of social and human capital – both to internal decision making and external disclosure – many corporations, their investors, stakeholders and business partners are seeking to establish standard, consistent and widely available measurement approaches. In this session representatives of the Social and Human Capital Coalition and other key stakeholders will delve into both the context and potential for these efforts as the world seeks to define these emerging and material issues.



Mike WallaceInterim Executive Director, Social and Human Capital Coalition

Libby BernickManaging Director, Global Head of Corporate Business, S&P Dow Jones

Manuela WernerStrategic Lead, Starting Ventures, BASF

Cambria AllenCorporate Governance Director, UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust

Christopher EarlSafety, Security, Health and Environmental Manager, Roche


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