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The Rise of City-Brand Collaboration in Enabling the Good Life

The intersection of corporate sustainability and city sustainability is both exciting and relatively unexplored so far. It carries a lot of potential for mutually-beneficial public-private partnerships, though it also requires deep knowledge and careful planning in a number of technical, social and cultural domains. This workshop identified avenues that brands can pursue to partner with cities in support of corporate sustainability agendas, while also providing a summary of the current landscape of city-brand interactions from leading experts in the space.

Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Palo Alto

Sonali Sharma, Senior Director, Sustainability and Engagement, Johnson & Johnson

Seth Schultz, Director of Science & Innovation, C40 Cities

Tamara Barker, Chief Sustainability Officer, VP Environmental Affairs, UPS

John Kwant, Vice President, City Solutions,Ford Motor Company

Bridget Croke, VP, External Affairs, Closed Loop Partners

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